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Digital Masters Sponsors North Bondi Surf Bathers Life Savers Club 100 Year History  Project: The club is coming up to it's centenary so we used our digital reprography systems to digitise over 3,000 historic photos, over 3,000 pages of the club reports and historic documnts & create an online archive browser!

Digital Masters Sponsors Bondi Surf Bathers Life Savers Club 100 Year History  Project: The club is coming up to it's centenary so we used our digital reprography system to digitise 725 historic photos & create an online archive browser!

Little Fish : Porchlight Films contracted us to provide customised stills scans, image optimisation and retouching for the movie, 'Little Fish' with Cate Blanchette, Hugo Weaving and Sam Neil.

Scans in Space: Lucas Film returns to Australia to shoot Star Wars Episode III and once again we are chosen to supply all the Pro photo CD scans - Non stop for 3 months!

Digital Masters Sponsors NSW Rural Fire Service: In association with photographer, David Jenkins we have created an online archive of nearly 1,000 A3 bushfire event prints for members: View & Order Prints!

New Image Gallery: Brian McInerney of Strawberry ColorStock has a huge image archive of famous personalities he has been privileged to photograph. We are working with Brian to create 'Digital Masters' for the printing of fine art archival digital prints for the first exhibition andf limited edition print sales : View Gallery!

Digital Masters has now been supplying Kodak Photo CD & Pro Photo CD scans for 13 years and over one million scans later DMA is still the only Pro Photo CD service in NSW ! Photo CD works with all applications that open or place images even iPhoto!

Beware of Imitation 'Photo CD' Photo CD occassionally gets bad press from people who have had 'FAKE" Photo CD services. D IGITAL MASTERS AUSTRALASIA IS THE ONLY SUPPLIER OF KODAK PHOTO CD IN NSW! if you have been sold inferior scans advertised as 'Photo CD' services that are not on licensed Kodak Photo CD discs Call us on (02) 9949 6090 - We will investigate and inform Kodak's legal department!

Digital Masters provides stills scans for 'Moulin Rouge'. and Starwars Episode II. We provided over 30,000 Pro Photo CD Scans of movie stills for Lucas Film and a complete DMA STOCKCUBE™ Image Database Solution for Bazmark Films Only Photo CD can deliver cost effective full resolution high volume scans.

Digital Masters builds NSW Film & Television Office image database! The New South Wales Film & Television Office chose DMA to develop a DMA STOCKCUBE™ image database solution for the diigitisation of over 12,000 prints and panoramic montages for the promotion of Australian locations to international film companies.


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