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Image Gallery One: A small sampling of digital imaging, retouching and design projects
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Minolta Posters & 4 metre displays.

Photos & Design: David Myers (70kb)

Architectural Photography & VR.
Photos & VR: Hans Schlupp (60kb)

Web Photos & Optimisation. Photos & Imaging: David Myers (95kb)

Architectural Photography & VR
Photos & VR: David Myers (120kb)

Deep Etch Sample. Photos: Hans
Schlupp. Imaging: David Myers

Small Auto Catalogue Samples
Photos & Imaging: David Myers (220kb)

SINAR Advertisment
. Design & Imaging:
David Myers (190kb)

DMA layered retouching method
Photos & Imaging: David Myers

Encom - Pending: 3 metre poster
existing photos with design

Left Side (200kb).............

Tamrac Ad. Design & Imaging:
David Myers

Mock Up to 'Hero'. Retouch sample.
Retouching: David Myers (60kb)

series. Created from the client's
and imaging by David Myers

.............Right Side (200kb)


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