Professional Photo Restoration, Retouching and Image Makeover Services

'Image Makeovers' are simple low cost tonal, colour and sharpness optimisation services
that produce the best possible images for our Archival Print and Canvas services 

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DIGITALMASTERS australasia - Restoring your photographic heritage for over 39 years...

David Myers was trained in England as a traditional illustrator and airbrush artist, He has been restoring damaged and faded photos since the 1970's. The original method involved making a 5"x 4" copy negative, a 16" x 20" work print followed by bleaching, airbrushing, fine brushwork, etching, and montaging, a second copy negative and then the final prints. It was very expensive, required numerous technical skills and lots of artistic ability!


Digital Restoration services since 1988...

Our traditional skills and experience moved into the digital realm in 1988 when we became the first company in Australia to trial 16 million colour display systems and 'PixelPaint' software for SuperMac USA. (No PhotoShop software back then!) With SummaGraphics digitising tablets we could finally 'airbrush' Digital 'Photographic Quality' images. Not just black & white! Recently we have been getting more and more faded colour slides (sadly not that old!). Using techniques we developed for matching colours when reproducing paintings we have created a new service: "Digital Colour Regeneration" See our samples at the left.


Digitally Restored - For life...

Our digital printers produce archival Fine Art 'Pigment-on Acid-Free-Media' prints that last over 75 years in normal room lighting! Black & White is estimated at over 150 years. Beware of companies that provide short life inkjet prints that fade after a few weeks. We also supply the 'Before and After' files on CD and keep your work on file for 7 years or more.


We can even restore some of your youth...

Have you ever wanted to turn back the clock a few years and smooth out a few wrinkles? Give us your favourite snapshot or portrait and we can apply digital soft focus, vignetting and a little airbrushing. No harm in giving nature a little help is there? See examples!


We supply a 'before and after' proof with every restoration so you can discuss the work,
approve printing or send a request for more retouching. Click here to see an example


See more of our restoration samples in the sidebar and in our gallery...
Restoration Gallery


Also see our 'BIG Canvas' promotion...

Oil Pigment Prints on Canvas: We use Premier water resistant artist's cotton canvas. It has a strong, traditional texture but is still smooth enough toreproduce finely detailed images. The medium gloss white coating combined with our colour management procedures provides high saturation with good colour accuracy. The ideal application is for accurate reproductions of oil and acrylic art but we can print photographic images with a range of border and framing options for home and commercial 'decor'. More Information

Canvases include 'Image Wrapping' or 'Classic Gallery' borders. See 'BIG Canvas' promo. Info

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Badly Faded Original

Torn Original

Colour Regeneration

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