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The only Kodak Pro Photo CD film scanning service in Australia!



See the difference between a scan from a $5,000 desktop scanner and Pro Photo CD scans...

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Digital Masters Australasia owns the only true Kodak licensed Pro Photo CD System in NSW. Our two Kodak Photo Imaging Workstations (PIWs) were installed eleven years ago at an investment of over $400,000. Photo CD and Pro Photo CD scans provide 'drum scanner' quality scans but with a range of services to suit every need from budget consumer imaging to demanding professional imaging. Over the past eight years DMA has produced over a million scans for thousands of very happy clients.

The Dual Photo CD Scanners of the $400,000 UNIX based Kodak PIWs provide different services. The 35mm scanner is motorised or manual and handles uncut roll, filmstrip and mounted slides. This is used for the low cost 'AutoScan' and and the popular "Commercial" Photo CD services. The second scanner is totally manual and fully adjustable for 35mm, 120 roll film, sheet film and custom panorama sizes up to 4" x 5" It produces 'Drum Scan Quality' 48bit Pro Photo CD scans up to 96 Megabytes CMYK. The scanner software uses over 400 updateable film 'terms' to ensure precise reproduction of each film's distinct characteristics. Pro Photo CD to captures all the tonality and subtle colours present in the original photograph rather than permanently biasing the scan towards specific output needs such as CMYK offset printing needs. No other scanning system works like this!

'Five Resolution' Pro Photo CD Scans from 35mm, are supplied as Kodak Photo CD 'ImagePacs' that have FIVE resolutions embedded - from thumbnail through to full A4 Page size. This service allows the operator to make manual image colour and density corrections and image optimisation adjustments.

'Six Resolution' Pro Photo CD Scans from any film format (size) are supplied as Kodak Pro Photo CD 'ImagePacs' that have SIX resolutions embedded - from thumbnail through A3 to full poster size. The ImagePacs are saved as 48bit .pcd files and supplied on special 100 year life Pro Photo CDs which can be appended with additional images until full. The 'Once Only' Photo CD fee includes writing and covers.

Beware of Imitations! Our two Kodak licensed Photo Imagaging Workstations produce two services: Photo CD or Standard Photo CD: On 100 year life Kodak Photo CD discs lablelled, "Photographic Quality Images" and Pro Photo CD: On 100 year life Kodak Pro Photo CD discs labelled, "Professional Photographic Quality Images" Every frame is cleaned and scanned at 4 to 16 times bigger than 'Picture Disc' images. Also NO IMAGE DEGRADING COMPRESSION is used with Photo CD.

Dob in a Cheat! Don't get cheated - If you ordered 'Photo CD' and got back low resolution poor quality scans that were not at least 2,048 x 3,072 pixel resolution and not supplied on Kodak "Photo CD" or Kodak "Pro Photo CD" gold discs that look like the ones above WE WANT TO KNOW ! The names "Photo CD" and "Pro Photo CD" are licensed to Koda and Digital Masters Australasia. Call us on (02) 9949 6090and we will investigate and if needed contact Kodak's legal department!

Custom Scanning services are also available for clients wanting completely finished files: Cropped, scaled, colour graded, converted to CMYK, sharpened and spot retouched ready for print or web placement.

Digital Reprography (Digital Photographic copying of flat art) Our High resolution digital instant capture, copy camera system can take over a hundred shots per hour of same size originals up to A3 providing huge cost savings over print and art scanning. We can also use a slower scanning camera to work a huge resolutions for fine art reproduction work. More Info on our Digital Photography Page.

DMA's Talented Scanner Operators are the ones that ultimately make the difference between good and average scans despite the clever hardware. We are not a consumer 'Mini-Lab' with junior staff. DMA's primary work is high quality prepress scanning, reprography and Imaging suitable for exhibition quality output. We are all Photographers and Designers and love working with images. We care about every precious piece of film that passes through our little cotton gloved hands.

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