Image Makeovers: I personally analize your pictures before printing and advise of any defects. If you wish I can optimise images to provide better shadow and highlight details, purer colours and better definition. I can add white or coloured, 'Gallery' borders or or custom 'Image Wrap' borders for canvas stretch framing (examples) Online 'before & after' and eMails proofs are submitted for all stages of production so you can send approvals or changes. That is what makes a 'Digital Master' image!

If your images require any significant cosmetic or technical retouching, montaging or restoration I will discuss the options via email and provide accurate costings. This page will constantly change as project samples are added.  Please email me personally with any queries: David Myers

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Original Photo by Orlando Luminere

Cate Blanchett during the filming of 'Little Fish' 


Original Photo by Brian McInerney

Yes we did retouch out the beard!  Channel 7, 'All Saints'


Photo & Retouching by David Myers of  DIGITALMASTERS australasia


Photo & Retouching by David Myers of  DIGITALMASTERS australasia

Photo by David Jenkins of Nomad Photography



Photo by David Jenkins of Nomad Photography


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The low resolution proof images above only display a fraction of the detail and tonal fidelity of the actual high resolution print files and may appear tonally different to the finished prints if your monitor is not calibrated...

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